Sabtu, 01 November 2014

After all, you should be able to automate everything I mentioned in these two ranking systems except that you need to manually “babysit” your high PR blogs to make it super-natural, which would be the only thing that takes you some time to build up. Ok, so for the campaign that points to your money site – Just follow it as usual.Ndir Laptops While, for the campaign that points to your high PR links – Just make a simple tweak. Here is a diagram that demonstrates the tweak *Note: Please add a “And/Or” for the “exterior” level (the blue level). Of course, for those who would like to further boost up your high PR links, feel free to use 2 or more of the those links, just make sure to drip-feed it. I believe many of you have already noticed the tweak, which is just to point the “original” Tier2 link as well as the Top Ranking System Tier1 links directly to your high PR links. You don’t need the inefficient 3rd tier if you remember what is mentioned in the “Myth” section of the Top Ranking System. That’s it!ndir product reviews So you’ll be running two campaigns at the same time while the power and link juice from these two campaigns will be helping you rank simply any tough keyword you can imagine. Of course, the number of high PR blogs you have would play a huge part. However, for most not-super-tough keywords, you don’t really need that many high PR blogs to get them to the top positions. Actually you’ll get a feel pretty quickly as you build up the blog network and you should already be making some good money ranking some great keywords before fighting for the super-tough ones. Finally, I hope this Private Blog Network System has given you a clear idea of how the top guys rank their sites. And I hope you have enjoyed the entire ranking journey with Jet. I’m sure some of you will need further help or questions as you build your blog network. No matter what, feel free to pm me with whatever question you have and I’ll try my best to help you out.  Thank you very much! To your top ranking success,

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